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How real estate agents are adding 6-figures of annual GCI by targeting sellers and growing listing inventory

We utilize a battle-tested lead sourcing framework focused on converting seller prospects into listings.

Zero risk. Pay per listing.

I worked with Terrapad team since 2018 before it became a platform that it is today. They are invaluable in so many functions to support an active Realtor. There is NO learning curve for anyone starting to use it because your support team is fabulous and does everything for you. They have an abundance of knowledge, skill and patience.

LisaNew York, Keller Williams

Terrapad is a complete CRM with all marketing and sales features that Realtors need for generating consistent leads all year round! From contact management to lead conversion - this is the sole reason I have been successful as an individual agent for over 5 years and now my entire team of basically brand new agents are also incredibly successful as well!

KellyMichigan, Coldwell Banker

Great platform that actually shocked me with the amount of leads. My overall face time with clients increased and the ads are getting attention of my friends on social media so they are reading out directly to ask me questions about the market which was awesome. Loved the onboarding process, all I had to do is connect google and social accounts. That's it!

Hussein BalochAgent, PSR Brokerage

I have been using Terrapad since 2020! It's an easy way to keep track of my clients, leads, campaigns and most importantly it's simple to scale. If I want a higher inflow of leads I just let the campaign manager know and voila! I have my calendar for both business and personal set up with email reminders. And customer service is awesome - I didn’t have to do anything, they set it all for me! I love TP!

JackIllinois, Exp Realty
Done-for-you campaigns

We handle everything so you can focus on relationships and closing deals.

High quality leads

Unlike others, our campaigns target leads that are in process of selling.

Smart follow-up

Automate your campaigns with follow ups using email, text, and voice.

Exclusive to you

We’ll never send your leads to your competitor

Guaranteed quality

Only pay for a lead that becomes a listing.

Target specific areas

Own your local market ― get leads where you want them.

Experts work for you

Leads are guaranteed for you by digital advertising experts.

We setup and manage the whole seller acquisition process for agents

Terrapad’s account manager simplifies the advertising process, allowing real estate agents to effortlessly reach their target audience.

Our process in 3 steps:

Step 1

Sellers want to know how to sell fast & for over ask

We will approach your local market with targeted ads that will make people that are in the mindset of potentially selling clicking and opting in.



Step 2

Qualification filter

Potential sellers are being reminded to take action by an automated follow-up sequence so they don’t even realize they are in a funnel.

Step 3

Agents closing listings

When a seller takes action and responds to the campaign, the agent is notified to start talking to the prospect and initiate the listing process.

Why Terrapad?

We will help you grow a profitable, high quality listing inventory that will allow you to scale your sales and double your revenues in 12 months.


Seller leads / month


Closed listings / month

952% ROI

Average Return

It’s not magic. It’s math.

No Contract. Cancel anytime.

Grow your business

Grow your business

Grow your business

Grow your business

Grow your business

Grow your business

Grow your business

Grow your business

Grow your business

Grow your business

Tailored pricing plan designed for you


per listing


Agency based pricing

($997 / month fixed fee)


Unlock your prospecting engine with a team that manages and optimizes the performance of your ads daily.

  • Ad Templates & Copy
  • Prospect Nurture Workflows
  • Custom Funnels
  • Seller Education
  • Marketing Strategy
  • CRM Automation
  • Battle-Tested Ad Strategy
  • Facebook / Instagram Ads
  • 60-150 Qualified Sellers / Month
  • Avoid Ad Fatigue / Banner Blindness
  • Bring your own Ad budget
  • Target cost-per-lead (CPL) $12
  • $1500 Setup fee (one time) applies for both pricing models

Cancel anytime. No contract.

Frequently asked questions

How many sales can I expect to make?

Your earning potential is dependent on your ad budget and some other important factors. Read more here and learn what it takes to add $100K per year in commission income.

Is it really free to start?

Yes! We have no monthly fees like other traditional agencies. No contract and no obligation.

What's a setup fee?

Setup fee ensures a few things. First, our team will set you up on the right track to your predictable prospecting engine for the next 6 months. Second, it shows us that you are a serious agent that is confident in your sales abilities – that way we both have skin in the game.

What do I have to do once my account is setup?

Once your account is setup and ads are activated, all you focus on is your mobile app and incoming conversations. You don’t need to worry about automations and tech, leave that to us. We are on your side to help you run your business smoothly and you worry about one thing, closing deals.

Is Terrapad better for solo agents or agencies?

Either. Whether you are a solo agent or an agency, you can use Terrapad framework to grow your leads and sales.